Entrance Mat

Internal Door Mat


Frontrunner SB

Frontrunner SB is a low profile solid-backed mat that can be loose laid to integrate easily with your existing floor coverings

Plastex Frontrunner SB Plus Black 607 F1

Frontrunner SB +

Designed for heavy duty internal areas, Frontrunner SB+ is a low profile, solid-backed mat that requires no recessed matwell


Frontrunner Plus

Frontrunner Plus is an absorbent entrance mat specifically designed to not only stop dirt in its tracks but moisture too

External Door Mat

Plastex Frontrunner XT Black F1.jpg

Frontrunner XT

Frontrunner XT is a heavy-duty entrance mat designed to combat substantial amounts of dirt and large debris


Frontrunner Entry

The mat's aggressive tread pattern scrapes shoes and wheels clean, while the open grid flooring traps and collects dirt and debris, preventing it from coming inside.

Plastex Frontrunner Brush Grey F1.jpg

Frontrunner Brush

Stop snow, ice and dirt in its tracks with Frontrunner Brush, an extra aggressive, heavy-duty mat designed for external walkways and entrances exposed to extreme weather conditions.


Frontrunner Brush Wide

01/19 - 01/23

Large debris is no match for Frontrunner Brush Wide, a hard-wearing bristle brush entrance mat specifically designed to trap stones, snow, ice and shingle.

Safety Matting

Matting Available in Rolls or Modules

Safety Matting 



Highly specialised PVC walkway matting for flat roof walkways, gantries and high level walkways, Crossgrip PVC is certified slip resistant and able to withstand all types of weather.

Plastex Floorline Green F8.jpg


One of our bestsellers, Floorline is perfect for any environment where liquid is present and cushioning is needed underfoot.

Plastex Herongripa Terracotta F3.jpg


Oils, acids and animal fats are no match for Herongripa, a specialised factory floor mat designed to keep food processing areas free from slippery floors. The mat’s anti-fatigue properties also provides comfort for standing employees.

Plastex Vynagrip Red F4.jpg


Vynagrip is heavy-duty slip-resistant matting designed to withstand all kinds of liquids. The mat’s diamond tread pattern provides superior traction underfoot, 

Plastex Vynagrip Plus F3.jpg

Vynagrip Plus

Vynagrip’s non-porous construction also resists bacteria growth and mildew, providing the highest level of hygiene. It's also perfect for workplaces with standing employees: 

Plastex Zed Land Blue F8.jpg

Tuff Spun

With its ribbed slip-resistant surface and foam composition, Tuff Spun is ideal for workplaces with employees who need comfort underfoot.

Plastex Tuff Spun Wear F3.jpg

Tuff Spun Wear

With its thick foam composition and heavy-duty top layer, Tuff Spun Wear is the ideal anti-fatigue matting for commercial and retail workplaces.

Plastex Tuff Spun Plus F3.jpg

Tuff Spun Plus

Certified wear resistant, this anti-fatigue matting not only reduces standing fatigue and boosts productivity, it also reduces impact noise

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Plastex Zed Land Grey F9.jpg

Zed Land

Up to four times more effective than standard foam matting, Zed Land is made from high molecular density foam that bounces back for extra comfort and cushioning.


Certified slip resistant with anti-fatigue benefits, Heronair is the ultimate workplace mat. The non-porous construction and open-grid means the mat is impermeable to fluids and provides superior drainage, while the etched pattern delivers excellent traction underfoot.